April 19, 2010

with all these smiles and sunshine

yeah, i was about to change it up mid-stream
till i went for a walk and remembered that
i like myself the way i am
i like how i feel right now
with all these smiles and sunshine
i do not need to love you
i want too
but i want to be loved by you more
and that does not even seem possible
maybe i will admit to the wind
i like it better that way
no real complications to hinder the way i feel about you
about me
yeah, it is kind of ironic to admit
that i am almost perfect this way from afar
i need this emotional center
and these words as much as i want you
but love, something you do not know of me
i am the rare breed you read about, watch on the silver screen
i am that wonderful exception to the rule of a hard knock life
but i cannot be any clearer when i say you must choose
me and this storybook life, you must endeavor to be rare too
yeah, i have this wondrous smile for the thought
it has been such a long time without the sheets
and joy of those explorations
i may go back to chasing skirt if you don't come around
but i may stop short of the sac
because i need this creativity for art instead of wasted
saturation skin to skin
i guess love, i thought you would understand
who and what i was, but i do not know if ever you can
or want, for that is what i desire in our storybook love affair
in my storybook for the ages

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