April 28, 2010

you are . i am . we can be

standing on this corner
in the midnight black
of a drunken night
i reached out to take your hand
as you began to walk away
you smiled that beautiful smile
your eyes glowing sparkles in the dark night
we were with your friends this night
and i know i am not supposed to show
them all my affection for you
but i did not want you to just walk off
without you feeling
you are that bright light
in my dark night
which fires my soul to be creative
i am the perfect companion to your attraction
for these late night antics of music, beer and debauchery
i am the love you have never seen but always wanted
we can be the perfect match
partners in crime for our evenings
if you would just let me in
and on this street corner
acknowledge for your friends
that smile, this touch, is the start
of what the historians will write
as a love affair for modern times
you are more than my creative muse
right here love,
you are all that i want to touch
right here doll,
you are who i do not want to see walk away
without stealing a touch and
maybe a kiss

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