April 24, 2010

your ink etched on skin like acrylics on fresh canvas

the same place in a different time
plays the same tune we all melodically flow along too
you move with its vibe, a soul beyond expression
this soul which lives on forever in my photography
i can see why i am trying to capture that layer of light upon the skin
so soft and subtle a hue cast in this red glaze effect
this garden is just a clank and chime away from the poker
your skin in this hue
is so much more than the divinity of your ink etched on skin
like acrylics on fresh canvas
the shadow detail of light that only this red wavelength can project
i came here again to write
to see what i am creating from in the light of night
always in the filter of blue
i can crystallize from within this faded haze
there are more shades than high key lighting in the epoch of summer sun
when you find yourself in my beloved rose city
the ink and skin as intoxicating as black boots and fishnets
under red dark room lights
this amber hue a wavelength of the heart
it is my bohemian art
the touch of most sensual as the beat keeps
its cadence of the manic soul
i can call these words a love song
you can call it no other in this night
as this light falls on inked skin
a high key note of rambling blues
this worship that is the night
with denizens and characters who have only a defined soul
they are the stuff of my stories
the energy of my creation
i love the dirty hipster, the punk
my inked dolls whose skin are like acrylic canvas
i have yet to paint
everything is of the nature of i have yet to create
or am i the act of the sheer creation
this perpetual moving boat, cast adrift
on choppy ocean - i am but a notion
on the wind, whispered from your luscious lips
in this wondrous red hue
i am always trying to capture
with or without you love
the candle light flickers shadows on wooded tables
that we can see a light left longer
a light that burns our flame of love and passion
i want you, but i want you more to
accept me, to want me as well
this light, can it shine on us too

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