May 22, 2010

its so quiet over there, its a riot over here!

sometimes you grip the wheel to tight and your knuckles go white. other times you let go all together and the wheel drives itself. being a bit more honest of late with my motivations for doing or not doing, and realizing that their is more wiggle room if you are. this usually opens up the opportunities i have been pushing for. it certainly opens up my possibilities to have a conversation that is full of observant truth, ridiculous outcomes, and knowledge you can put away for later.

the tactical change is going to lead to glory, when you are aggressive and focused there is always success to follow. am going to meet the queen by the end of the year. i want the century mark to real in the big fish once TP is up. it is going to be an interesting rest of the year that i am plotting. aim high and accept where your effort lands you!

the thing i love about a futbol match is the cacophony of voices that give you the ambiance of an active art exhibit!

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