May 10, 2010

not a single flower to pick

i went to make your day
but found that on my walk
i could not find a single flower
to pick and give you
and so when i wrapped on your door
that hark knock of my knuckles
i was empty handed in my quest
to let flowers win your heart
i know i must win you with words
that back up my actions
for it is words that you have feared
and built this wall around
i should win you with a hammer
i can use to chip the rock wall you built
around that pretty little heart of yours
i sit here smirking though
to know i am an artist through and through
i am selfish with my feelings
because emotion is the energy of my art
and the fuel of my mania
even if love, we are able to meet somewhere
in the middle of our lives where my flowery words
and your delicious beauty
seeps into each others soul
what would stop us from our past
that reads more like a tragedy than a happy ending

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