May 10, 2010

romance novels, love letters and the next step

a day after i got to play mom as a dad
i was just wondering how you and the girls are
wondering how you can be so much
into romance novels and yet not write me back
a hand crafted letter of love
and i wonder what you think is so different
than those romance novels
it is so very classic from my perspective
the beautiful girl who wants something she reads so often
the dashing man who tries to give it to her
it almost sounds so storybook
considering our lives and our girls
but i learned so long ago
that storybooks are the realm of the imagination
yeah, i am trying to write one for you and i
because i am that kind of man
and i thought you were that kind a lady
i want redemption in my life
more than i want the pain of memory
almost as much as i want your love
to drip upon my soul and shower
the girls and our lives with joy
that everyone is jealous of
as they see us hand in hand
all smiles and sappy wonder
as we gaze into each others eyes
maybe next time i see you
i will just walk up and kiss you
you would know it then
that all i want is to love you

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