May 23, 2010

self absorbed agrandizing hooligan

the day, left over from a night not quite
left behind in the thoughts
peoples words can leave a mark
i woke happy to know what i did and did not do
i find that by the time i was in the studio
i was self absorbed
that not even the knowledge of seeing you
could shake this focus on creation
cause really i just needed to be alone
and though i tried and tried to paint
my way to some form of realization
and comfort in this which i am passing through
i know what i do
i wish i could just recognize what part
of the continuum i am stuck on
in a quiet moment i realize i am going through
something very very profound
i know what i do
it is not something you can hide for very long
the nefarious character life
i thought you would like it, i wanted you too

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