May 12, 2010

solid state quantification of electron orbitals

this obsession i have is rather interesting to watch sometimes. when the continual change is in effect, we find that self reflection can be critical and productive. almost like the pause at the apex of some climb. i can hear this song playing, something not quite like center of the universe, but i like the heat.

watching the reflection of light off a window in the city. i can see clearly this very day in my past with that light on a different window from a different angle. and this i realize is critical remembrance. then i remember i have always been here before and again will be. you see, this is a question of quantum mechanics, quantized energy levels and simple math strung together.

i have to believe in a future where there is opportunity to pursue this adventure. i like to conceive of some of the more pleasurable details, but right now, i just wish to know a few things about what i should do for the few things i desire. which are the sacrificial lamb, and which will manifest themselves in my reality.

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