May 31, 2010

a successful night back home at Dante's

friday night after happy hour, sushi, beers at Kelly's i made my way to Dante's to see Sara and the Twangshifters show and Elle's burlesque show. it is sometimes strange to go back to Dante's after the heyday of the early 2000's when i was there a lot. i used to hang out with the SG crowd when they first got their start. it is a bit interesting to know how our paths are parallel and that i am the art version of their alt porn.

this was Sara's debut with the Twangshifters and can i just say . you are the coolest gal friend i have. Sara's is one of those awesome models of mine who become great friends and though we have not seen each other in a while, the reunion tonight was well worth the wait. and since she wore that awesome dress/robe, i thought you folks might like a few of the iconic images i have of her in it.

such a sexy kitten . and a trooper since the first time i met her, i made her meet me at magic garden and then she drove my drunk ass home!

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