May 30, 2010

this message is only for you

my audible hallucination, the beautiful woman who "knows what it is" i am doing. i am waiting for you to stop following me in your parallel path and reveal yourself to me. it may not be our time yet but i could use a shot of your encouragement.

i can sense the next plateau i am going to focus on in my art. i have a triumvirate of the three P's, photography, poetry and painting at my disposal to make this trek with. two of them are for real and one is color and they all are for me.

i want you to orchestrate our connection on a day in late summer or early fall. it will be our first of many for the rest of the year. i will be ready for you as i believe you will be for me. in between now and then i have a plan to pull the strings on. until we smile at each other love.

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