May 3, 2010

your place or mine

the interesting thing about mania, is that i have seen it all before but every time it seems new at first till you recognize what is happening. this juxtaposition is the internal strife that fuels my need to create and the energy from which i draw. i know the muse which is driving me to create my third poetry book, a love song for an inked doll. i know that i do not get the the dream that this muse has awaken, like all the others this only serves a purpose. for, the thing that i forgot which just experienced again is that i was already given a choice of the muse and the dream therein or immortality. i choose immortality each and every time the devil comes for my soul.

i remember the whisper in my ear, your place or mine? the answer is explicitly lost in the complexity of a moment which always has to do with the time and space you occupy at the moment, not a historical perspective or a future dream, but right now. i can see we are the perfect compliment to my vices.

i sold my soul to the devil for immortality and each time she visits me she takes a part of who i am with her. someday all that will be left are acrylics, words and photographs that tell my story!

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