June 27, 2010

the us needed goals & all i got was the pinup porter

i went to sleep last night around 3am after laura and i got home from the shennanigans, only to get up at 7am for the Korea match then head downtown to the old city to meet up with the lads for the US match.

all the hope of a nation and my joy riding on a win.

instead we played like shit and lost on two crappy defensive mistakes at the beginning of the game and in extra time.

in between we got a deserved one back, albeit via a pk and from the pretty book choker.

i did find the pinup porter beer, my kindred favorite and yes from 10:30 till 2pm i drank several of them so that win or loose i was sure to be in fine spirits.

the rest of my day of rebel rousing has been documented here with the iphone and all the Twisted Pinup stickers left around town.

good times good times! i guess all was not lost, as i did pick up Timbers tickets for the seattle US Open Cup match wednesday and learned that Art Media was having the wholesale canvas sale again. whooo hoooo!

nothing like art to make me feel better about the US crashing out of the World Cup.

only thing better would have been a good fuck or a punch up!

June 26, 2010

the dunes is a punk bar

i have been having some good ole times with the iphone and my little rebel rousing display. the iphone's camera has been a revelation in terms of crispness and clarity in low light.

here is a continued look at the life of an artist as he pursues the creative muse. wherever the pursuit takes me.

in this case, the rebel rousing lead me to the punk bar dunes for Laura's friends bday.

this is sailer jerry's rum thanks to my friend Liz who introduced me to the beautiful Lauren Fatale!!!

the end of the night in low light and a full moon!

the insatiable need

maybe this afternoon after we are on to the quarterfinals i will not have such a need that does not seem to have an end. or it will be so epic i will want to see us in the finals - i believe!

oh, i guess i should share some art right. i will say last night was an epic story that i will share with the iphones photos later.

because i sometimes miss andreas and his crazy calling card. thank you childhood for many memories of this, in the days prior to america waking up futbol fans!

really, that first one which was live at the match. i have been in that insane celebrations at my beloved timbers matches! oh euphoric joy!!!!

then, oh Boston how i love you!!!

USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA . Glory glory USA, glory glory USA . glory glory USA and Yanks are marching on, for the CUP!!!

June 25, 2010

this is going to be epic

i learned a couple of things about myself and my past last night as i chatted with Tara over beers. it was sunny and warm in portland finally and we were fresh off of the satiation of sushi in our belly's. we are both watchers of people, so the night was interesting as we talked of our lives and inquired about the details of the people around us.

i love summer in portland with the skin and ink and deliciousness of the ladies. it was rather intoxicating and that coupled to the faint vanilla smell wafting by every once and a while as some doll smoked a vanilla fag was just torturing my lust levels.

it is friday, and the plan for saturday's match has not yet been formally hatched but it involves a bar and many beers. win or loose it is going to be epic! famous famous USA, famous famous USA, famous famous USA & the Yanks are marching on!!!

June 23, 2010

this roller coaster has two ends, tragedy and euphoria!

Nick Hornsby wrote the quintessential epitome in relation to what i am going to describe in his book Fever Pitch, which chronicles his love affair with Arsenal Football Club from a young age. it is a roller coaster that has only two ends and they are tragedy and euphoric joy. i went to bed last night on the eve of the most important match for the US in this World Cup without worry. i woke up a little excited but as the match start drew near and i woke up Emily to join me i was very nervous.

this is an obsession as i have said before, the game of futbol and what the world cup means to a devotee like myself. sometimes i cannot get enough and other times you just have to walk away. as the match unfolded and it looked like the ref's had robbed us again. all the matches previously in my life where the roller coaster had ended in tragedy were flashing before my eyes. my emotions were all over the place just as they had been the morning of the slovenia match and many a timbers match. the only thing i felt heading into the 90th minute was dread and utter despair. i gave up a long time ago to try to decipher and separate this passion for futbol from my rational mind. instead i jump headlong into the knowledge that this roller coaster always ends in tragedy or euphoric joy and because they are so opposite it is worth it.

and then that moment in time when you are standing in your living room, almost in tears because you are about to loose and time moves so slow as the ball is played out and Donovan breaks perfectly. his pass to Altidore is sublime and your heart jumps because you believe. you feel it coming, yes the cross to Dempsey, the rebound and Donovan is there to finish. i was already screaming yes when the first touch happen midway up the field. now as the ball crashed into the net i was screaming yes and jumping up and down in circle. Emily was yelling! tears streaming down my face! i could not believe the euphoria was there again to taste, pure joy!

June 21, 2010

a little bit of delicious . a little bt o naughty

hmmmm, i love to sit back and watch the ladies get ready. have a little bit of conversation. get them telling stories. it is so very interesting to me for the ones i have never met before or do not know well to get them talking. get them to open up and feel comfortable. for the ones i know, well it is just us saying hello again. telling crazy stories!

i am always surprised at what drive the ladies to do some of the things they do.

i always want to ask what they are thinking when they are posing.

June 20, 2010

for Thom on papi's day . wish we could go for another walkabout together

a tribute to my father's work (Thom Klesch) and our last shoot together!

the last time my father and i walked around the city of roses and took photographs together was almost 7 years ago (shown above) when i lived in the pearl. it was a radical morning after we went to the Timbers match the night before. he crashed on the couch; i went out for drinks with the coke whore and friends. that night was the inspiration for Wanton Muse. i got in about 3am, drunk, stoned and up around 7am with papi to wander through the Pearl and shoot. i was wicked hungover, but it was the best of times.

we started the morning at Torefazione where my dear friend Tara served us delicious coffee so we could do our creative work. then we went by the old Amory and the farther into NW before circling back to the Church.

this is one of my favorite buildings that i plan on buying someday to use as a studio. i am proud to say my father to this and mine turned out like shit! luv ya papi!!! this was also the corner i smoked a hangover jay to set myself right.

this was one of his favorites and was the end of the road for our day. we went and got a Cha burrito and Mandarin jarritoes from Mario before sending him home. i wish we could do it again dad, but on this Father's day i am also looking forward to the days when Emily and i get to do photo walkabouts like what we used to do.

from 45 minutes to eternity

it seems with the lack of sun in my beloved rose city i am lacking a bit of true focus and excitement at the coming months of warmth and scrumptious ladies. the only thing better than boots season is skin season where the ink is so lusciously shown on the ladies skin. its like fresh ink on a blank canvas! i need all of this to light the spire of divinity inside me again and spur on a new level of creativity. i desire some form of humanity to inspire this creativity and i am calling on the summer sun to bring it to me in the form of delicious dolls.

this is my dear friend Julie, she likes to be my muse and with very little instruction other than a theme, a joint, some PBR and good music with find her way to some wonderful themes within a theme for me.

this little set i like to call post coital divinity, from 45 minutes to eternity.

June 18, 2010

when rebel rousing needs a get out of jail free card

thursday after leaving AA i met up with Jim at the Marathon for a a few pre-match beers. decked out in full futbol attire with my special Adidas coat and timbers scarf. Jim wore a get out of jail free card, and knowing that Johanna was coming with us, this night just felt punchy on the eave of the US's second cup match.

sure enough, the beers flowed and the Timbers sucked so much ass that it just fueled the shenanigans. in true rebel rousing fashion the post match entailed my best hooliganism, more drinking, throwing some shit, spitting on cars . . . oh rose city . . . we're the greatest fucking fans when we win, we're a rotten lot of bastards when we loose!!!

the most famous of comebacks in a world cup was perpetrated by the Yanks after sucking ass in the first half only to be be ruined by an idiotic cunt of a ref from Mali, who obviously is retarded or was payed off.

June 16, 2010

all i hear is you singing to me

i always wanted you to take my hand

you just wanted to sing to me

so i wrote you this book of poems so everyone could read

a love song for an inked doll

June 15, 2010

three white stripes erotica

been acting like a truly obsessed futbol fan with the world cup in full swing. watching the morning match on the bus ride to work on my phone. catching the nooner in the bar or while working. then watching the early morning match at night. phew all this futbol you think would satisfy my obsession. i think it just stokes the fire more!!!

it is just so much fun to see all the futbol colors around town and talk world cup with everyone and anyone. even people who do not care will talk matches and who's been winning. only the world cup can do that!

even the ladies like it . or they like all the sexy fit males . i love them because they are at least paying attention to my obsession. it feeds the passion! going to the Timbers thursday night for cheap beer and some singing! whooooohoooooo!