June 15, 2010

three white stripes erotica

been acting like a truly obsessed futbol fan with the world cup in full swing. watching the morning match on the bus ride to work on my phone. catching the nooner in the bar or while working. then watching the early morning match at night. phew all this futbol you think would satisfy my obsession. i think it just stokes the fire more!!!

it is just so much fun to see all the futbol colors around town and talk world cup with everyone and anyone. even people who do not care will talk matches and who's been winning. only the world cup can do that!

even the ladies like it . or they like all the sexy fit males . i love them because they are at least paying attention to my obsession. it feeds the passion! going to the Timbers thursday night for cheap beer and some singing! whooooohoooooo!

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