June 12, 2010

drunkards & hooligans

i have to start getting these damn models to show up or my liver is going to pay a high price. friday was always going to be a bit of a celebration with the start of the world cup but it was also one of those evenings when mania would win as Teri pointed out, "there is no light switch."

i must admit in times like these i am a drunkard and hanging out with hooligans and nefarious characters is the order of the day when we invoke the rebel rousing doctrine. this crew of Teri's friends are such a set of characters. good people all around and as we all sat around drinking cheap beer at the slammer. the stories were funny and lewd and full of character making events.

there were a few moments, once the sun came out at the end of the day when the group was raging about metal and drunkard session of sex and who screamed louder, that i was having flashbacks to being a kids and listening to my older brother and his friends talking. it was the sort of manic affair that in the past might have ended differently if there were more ladies in the group but then again, i have had this evening before with a different crew of friends.

needless to say, the cab ride home from the Queen of Hearts had me singing songs to the cabbie, an African by birth. and the saturday morning matches were a sick hungover affair.

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