June 20, 2010

for Thom on papi's day . wish we could go for another walkabout together

a tribute to my father's work (Thom Klesch) and our last shoot together!

the last time my father and i walked around the city of roses and took photographs together was almost 7 years ago (shown above) when i lived in the pearl. it was a radical morning after we went to the Timbers match the night before. he crashed on the couch; i went out for drinks with the coke whore and friends. that night was the inspiration for Wanton Muse. i got in about 3am, drunk, stoned and up around 7am with papi to wander through the Pearl and shoot. i was wicked hungover, but it was the best of times.

we started the morning at Torefazione where my dear friend Tara served us delicious coffee so we could do our creative work. then we went by the old Amory and the farther into NW before circling back to the Church.

this is one of my favorite buildings that i plan on buying someday to use as a studio. i am proud to say my father to this and mine turned out like shit! luv ya papi!!! this was also the corner i smoked a hangover jay to set myself right.

this was one of his favorites and was the end of the road for our day. we went and got a Cha burrito and Mandarin jarritoes from Mario before sending him home. i wish we could do it again dad, but on this Father's day i am also looking forward to the days when Emily and i get to do photo walkabouts like what we used to do.

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