June 20, 2010

from 45 minutes to eternity

it seems with the lack of sun in my beloved rose city i am lacking a bit of true focus and excitement at the coming months of warmth and scrumptious ladies. the only thing better than boots season is skin season where the ink is so lusciously shown on the ladies skin. its like fresh ink on a blank canvas! i need all of this to light the spire of divinity inside me again and spur on a new level of creativity. i desire some form of humanity to inspire this creativity and i am calling on the summer sun to bring it to me in the form of delicious dolls.

this is my dear friend Julie, she likes to be my muse and with very little instruction other than a theme, a joint, some PBR and good music with find her way to some wonderful themes within a theme for me.

this little set i like to call post coital divinity, from 45 minutes to eternity.

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