June 14, 2010

the gorgeous inked doll through the big glass window

so far Germany, Argentina and South Korea are the darlings of the World Cup and the Yanks deserved a famous win just like South Africa.

i walk be Aveda salon every day after work and always see this gorgeous inked doll cuttin and stylin hair. she is absolutely divine! i am always in awe of her and through those big windows she just looks so sexy. i must admit that i was a drunkard friday night because i walked into The Slammer late in the evening for another beer and this doll that i pine after every day was down at the end of the bar. i must admit that i was drunk because it wasn't till i saw her today that i remembered i went up and told her that i see her every day as i walk to catch the bus. i told her how sexy and beautiful she looked through those big windows. she then introduced herself and shook my hand, smiled at me and i kept flirting with her and asked my favorite things of pretty ladies. have you ever modeled & would you consider it? she told me tap on the window and make the universal sign for taking photographs the next time i walked by to remeind her to go look at my work.

i of course did not remember to do this today as i walked by, because it wasn't till i saw her that i remembered all this. i also have no recollection of her name, but i know i wrote down my contact info for her. this is why i am a drunkard and it really made me wonder what else i say to pretty ladies when i am intoxicated and what thoughts must run through their minds as i say it??

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