June 13, 2010

i just wanted to write a storybook

because i just wanted to live a storybook
in all those years of living the nightmare opposite
to what should be a love affair for the ages
i was remembering a time in the waning light that you sat
across from me, the drinks had been flowing and you were poignant
i sat back with my back against the wall
the sun in my eyes
you were smiling and telling some story
i wondered if there was ever a way to say some profound
i sat there in silence with a smile
the storybook was dying in the middle of chapter four
and i had nothing i would do about it
i was stuck and drunk and lost in that moment of mania
where my mind can only sing in silence

then my world was snapped to as you practically jumped into my lap
sitting on my knees like it was old hat
a natural lean into my body and i help you
held you for those moments in that comfort i imagined in my mind
i just smiled and breathed deep your beauty
i want to write this storybook
i want it for me because i need it
i want it to be a gift to you
there is no light switch for mania
or drunkards like you and i
i drank the rest of my cheap beer
leaned back against the wall
with the sun in my eyes and smiled at you

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