June 26, 2010

the insatiable need

maybe this afternoon after we are on to the quarterfinals i will not have such a need that does not seem to have an end. or it will be so epic i will want to see us in the finals - i believe!

oh, i guess i should share some art right. i will say last night was an epic story that i will share with the iphones photos later.

because i sometimes miss andreas and his crazy calling card. thank you childhood for many memories of this, in the days prior to america waking up futbol fans!

really, that first one which was live at the match. i have been in that insane celebrations at my beloved timbers matches! oh euphoric joy!!!!

then, oh Boston how i love you!!!

USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA . Glory glory USA, glory glory USA . glory glory USA and Yanks are marching on, for the CUP!!!

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