June 1, 2010

quantum tunnelling & my nonlinear thinking

sometimes i try to strategize and plot a methodology to get what i want and the funny thing is that i am not so good a taking steps in a linear fashion. it might be why i have found that for me to sieze a moment and make a move. i must jump in feet first when the opportunity arises and not blink. other wise my over active grey fold-matter will try to find a way to fit it into my strategic plans.

sometimes, my brain is like a complex 3-d puzzle. people's energy can affect my emotional well being and then the puzzle pieces crumble. it takes a lot of energy and time to put the pieces back again. i have been working on this of late when two different crazy people snatched my energy and one beautiful woman broke a puzzle piece off.

i kinda feel that i may have put the pieces tentatively back together this weekend as i was painting. the colors and the act of painting always help put the puzzle pieces back together. in the end, it is always a choice to look to the future and act in the present that glues the tragic puzzle pieces back together again.

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