June 9, 2010

the science of walking

i want to write more love songs to you
but i have to write about the science of saving energy in the summer sun
when everyone wants to be outside
and i want to hold your hand walking through the park
like the days we spent in utter bliss
the warmth of the summer sun
left the air at night such a delight
we always ended our nights like that
after smiling our way through the evening
drinking with our dear friends
and all the new ones we would make
i can sit at stare into your milky eyes forever and a day
there is no shame in loving
the beauty i can see in your soul
and that glitter in your eyes
you are a warm delight in cynical world
and all our friends marvel
at the jealousy we leave behind
i always new it was time to go
when you laid your hand on my arm
i'd look up into those wondrous eyes and gorgeous smile
and off we would go into the dark intoxicating night
walking through the park
our hand in hand in the warmth
left behind from the summer sun
sometimes the sweat dripped from your ink
rolling down that open backed dress
i loved to place my hand at the small of your back
on a street corner for a kiss
the park lights our guide
illuminating our storybook love

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