June 12, 2010

this game is getting stretched now

i am so very frustrated by the lack of ladies committed to show up for their shoots. it is just a plague that really kills my creative spirit. the last two weekends have killed me for this as 6 different ladies just couldn't fulfill their commitment. sad, because the i need this creativity and i need to continue to evolve the books or i just may give up.

had a long chat with Azure over the content of Chasing Skirt and his words out of the were that it is better than Manic Rose City. i feel a little bit of the opposite and have been very concerned about this one, but as we talked i could see what i was concerned about in the way he described the loss of cadence. it was awesome to hear some of the many good things and images that Azure recited back to me. i do such a great job at juxtaposition of words to create this stylistic moment and this book way well be a step forward rather than a backward as i feared. now, if you ladies will just show up for some shoots we can get the photography books on par to my poetry.

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