June 2, 2010

this hue is going to poke my eye out

i was thinking about you and me and all that stands between us
i cannot even say or begin to wonder what it will be like
when that day so very soon we are
staring into each others souls
and with a sappy smile on our faces
we can be as happy as we want
and all the world will be envious
what stands between that day
and this is but a few sun rises and some good times
away from being the perfect storybook love affair
you have my heart . i want your love
we can share each others perfect bodies
in the summer sun, laying on the grass
in our beloved rose city
this skin and ink an intoxication
it is the canvas of our storybook
once blank and now full of zest
this life together is our future
except for the very choice
that i think is an ethereal dream
do you remember that first touch
when you laid your hand on my forearm
it snapped my head around and i loved your smile
that touch ignited a fire that danced in your eyes
i crave your passion red
i still feel it in your eyes
when you softly look upon me
you epitomize all the rose city stands for
and i am its scribe and celebrator
this chronicle in canvas, ink, photographs and words
will be a our love story for the ages
that history will smile upon
come on and kiss me doll
it is our time

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