June 25, 2010

this is going to be epic

i learned a couple of things about myself and my past last night as i chatted with Tara over beers. it was sunny and warm in portland finally and we were fresh off of the satiation of sushi in our belly's. we are both watchers of people, so the night was interesting as we talked of our lives and inquired about the details of the people around us.

i love summer in portland with the skin and ink and deliciousness of the ladies. it was rather intoxicating and that coupled to the faint vanilla smell wafting by every once and a while as some doll smoked a vanilla fag was just torturing my lust levels.

it is friday, and the plan for saturday's match has not yet been formally hatched but it involves a bar and many beers. win or loose it is going to be epic! famous famous USA, famous famous USA, famous famous USA & the Yanks are marching on!!!

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