June 23, 2010

this roller coaster has two ends, tragedy and euphoria!

Nick Hornsby wrote the quintessential epitome in relation to what i am going to describe in his book Fever Pitch, which chronicles his love affair with Arsenal Football Club from a young age. it is a roller coaster that has only two ends and they are tragedy and euphoric joy. i went to bed last night on the eve of the most important match for the US in this World Cup without worry. i woke up a little excited but as the match start drew near and i woke up Emily to join me i was very nervous.

this is an obsession as i have said before, the game of futbol and what the world cup means to a devotee like myself. sometimes i cannot get enough and other times you just have to walk away. as the match unfolded and it looked like the ref's had robbed us again. all the matches previously in my life where the roller coaster had ended in tragedy were flashing before my eyes. my emotions were all over the place just as they had been the morning of the slovenia match and many a timbers match. the only thing i felt heading into the 90th minute was dread and utter despair. i gave up a long time ago to try to decipher and separate this passion for futbol from my rational mind. instead i jump headlong into the knowledge that this roller coaster always ends in tragedy or euphoric joy and because they are so opposite it is worth it.

and then that moment in time when you are standing in your living room, almost in tears because you are about to loose and time moves so slow as the ball is played out and Donovan breaks perfectly. his pass to Altidore is sublime and your heart jumps because you believe. you feel it coming, yes the cross to Dempsey, the rebound and Donovan is there to finish. i was already screaming yes when the first touch happen midway up the field. now as the ball crashed into the net i was screaming yes and jumping up and down in circle. Emily was yelling! tears streaming down my face! i could not believe the euphoria was there again to taste, pure joy!

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