June 27, 2010

the us needed goals & all i got was the pinup porter

i went to sleep last night around 3am after laura and i got home from the shennanigans, only to get up at 7am for the Korea match then head downtown to the old city to meet up with the lads for the US match.

all the hope of a nation and my joy riding on a win.

instead we played like shit and lost on two crappy defensive mistakes at the beginning of the game and in extra time.

in between we got a deserved one back, albeit via a pk and from the pretty book choker.

i did find the pinup porter beer, my kindred favorite and yes from 10:30 till 2pm i drank several of them so that win or loose i was sure to be in fine spirits.

the rest of my day of rebel rousing has been documented here with the iphone and all the Twisted Pinup stickers left around town.

good times good times! i guess all was not lost, as i did pick up Timbers tickets for the seattle US Open Cup match wednesday and learned that Art Media was having the wholesale canvas sale again. whooo hoooo!

nothing like art to make me feel better about the US crashing out of the World Cup.

only thing better would have been a good fuck or a punch up!

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