June 5, 2010

when the models all flake, the only thing left to do is drink & paint

i was going to share the poem i wrote last night and the one i wrote today but decided that it was a little to much to do. i little to inflammatory for right now and so will keep them for the third poetry book.

i met several really cool gals last night at the Twilight Lounge, a very nice side effect to have the first of several models cancel or no show this weekend. it is always so interesting to mingle in a new crowd. i was a little nervous to go but am glad i forced myself out of the house. and once i got a PBR and Liz and Frank showed up, i was no longer an outsider. my thanks to Audra for introducing me as a world renowned photographer to every pretty doll and fella in the house. i love the world of infamy that is the Rose City!

here is my first piece done outside in natural light. it was hard to see because of all the back light and the luminosity through the canvas. seems to me it turned out all right. i called it this is chinaski because i had been ready Women by Bukowski all day in between other endeavors. Claire called it Stalactites & Stalagmites. i tend to call these Popsicles and can see i am developing a very distinct pattern to my style.

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