June 18, 2010

when rebel rousing needs a get out of jail free card

thursday after leaving AA i met up with Jim at the Marathon for a a few pre-match beers. decked out in full futbol attire with my special Adidas coat and timbers scarf. Jim wore a get out of jail free card, and knowing that Johanna was coming with us, this night just felt punchy on the eave of the US's second cup match.

sure enough, the beers flowed and the Timbers sucked so much ass that it just fueled the shenanigans. in true rebel rousing fashion the post match entailed my best hooliganism, more drinking, throwing some shit, spitting on cars . . . oh rose city . . . we're the greatest fucking fans when we win, we're a rotten lot of bastards when we loose!!!

the most famous of comebacks in a world cup was perpetrated by the Yanks after sucking ass in the first half only to be be ruined by an idiotic cunt of a ref from Mali, who obviously is retarded or was payed off.

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