July 30, 2010

eutrope and the infinite series

i was having this conversation with my latest model and she was really engaging in a set of questions that were probing my style. she came to create some art and wanted to see what that definition was for me. what i like about this is the engaging level she displayed. it was very attractive and really we saw that in the work. this experience was very different from any of the past 30+ models who just show up and we create an art experience from. it was a little different of a set also because it organically became a character study of a ballerina and the nude female form. pretty damn cool and i can feel the rumblings of a new idea from this, but also, i am glad she wants to do it again.

i am making good progress on getting Chasing Skirt into print. i still need to finish the word flow editing and then go through it one more time. there are some formatting issues with the word doc that are pissing me off. just as with the cover there are a few style and formatting issues that are killing me. just may make it!

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