July 3, 2010

fun friday for TP & The Twangshifters

my night started around 4pm at Kelly's Olympian where i proceeded to write a wicked set of worms for another poem in the love song series. had the most inspiring conversation with a guy who heckled me as a poet because it did not make money. it was inspiring because he used words as i did in the juxtaposition and choice. i see maybe there are people like me out there.

then it was off to see my friend Sara sing for the Twangshifters. she has the best pipes! the first show was in the Square and had like a 100 plus people in the crowd, with some rockabilly's dancing away.

then it was off to the Satyricon with the band for the second show and the Sailer Jerry's Rum girls, my favorites are my friend liz and lauren.

Shawn, Corvin and Wade are pretty awesome fella's and it was great to hang out with them for the night.

after the show it got a little nutty for me as i was surrounded by punks and drunks and met an old nutter hooligan for the Timbers from the 70's. I hung out with Audra for a bit and heckled a reporter for nerve.com. then as i stumbled through downtown i noticed the age old adage about portland. the ladies are frisky sluts on a summer friday night and i need a little more class than that now a days!

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