July 8, 2010

the ink pinup couple

i thought you would like to know
there is this image i have of you
in your white slip and black fishnets
you are fixing your garter as you sit on the edge of the bed
i am standing in the hall, watching
i can see the definition in your calf
your hand runs up your thigh
i can tell you know i am watching as you pull your slip
your inner thigh screaming at me

i walked into the room to stand next to you
you look up and smile at me as you spread your legs wider
and your white slip show me all of your garter straps
i place my fingertips on your shoulder
at the tip of your red star and trace my finger down your arm
till i meet the pinup couple on your forearm
you and me, we are perfect in ink and in life
i lean down and kiss your neck to start your engine
your sexy legs all dolled up in fishnets
we are not going to make it to the show for some time
and you look up at me with that knowing smile
i love to devour in a kiss

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