July 18, 2010

the joy of managing expectations

these last couple of months i have forgone some art creation for the pursuit of connection through people. what i can say is that i have a few really cool friends i can rely on. i have met some awesome people and hove a lot of promises made yet very few of the new folks really play out. i have a hard enough time managing my own expectations, let alone the fulfillment of promises from others.

i realize i am now behind in the internal schedule of creation that drives me and the only way to get back on that track is to forgo that hope of social connections. sorry ladies but you actually have to make some level of commitment to meeting up if you want to fulfill that promise of joy.

i am driven far beyond the simple pleasures you may be hoping for. i have a vision to fulfill and creation to exploit. the whim of creativity is something i can channel when the energy is right and i am far happier when i do. it means i sacrifice some loving connections with you and there are many alone nights spent in the studio.

but truth be told, i like spending time with me. i am very interesting and the creative process brings out the best in my soul. going to do the good work till sara comes to town over labor day. i'll be in the studio if you want to see me.

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