August 22, 2010

the more you talk . ..

here this interesting idea. i sell my work in bulk, its cleaner that way and it sets the need for the owner to promote you. they now have a vested interest in your infamy!

"it's amazing how a few beers makes it all better" chuck connolly

they are all your bright colors muddied on the canvas in brush strokes that say you are trying to brush away whatever will not wash out. it is your own personal crazy captured through texture and color. bold and bright. manic.

August 20, 2010

even on vacation my subconscious works

i used to be able to disconnect from work or parts of my life but not any more, at least not while i have a singular focus on all that is encompassed in my art. on a daily basis is the daily mantra. it has definitely paid dividends in the art, mental well being and exposure.

the strange thing about this vacation is that i was at least able to block out saving the world, AA politicos, and all the other semi drama grist. it was an emily and art vacation with a drive, several swims, some rock climbing, a hike and thoughts kinda good times. the weirdest part was the poor begs and wild dreams i had.

in the sunny moments and in the hotel rooms i was always reminded of other trips. some i cannot quite remember all of but one in particular is going to be important. a whole chapter In a Square's Guide to Being Punk, the one dealing with trysts, whores, strippers, art and a collage sports team. all very good things to expose the square too!

i wonder what all of my fetishes are. i know of a few, related to fishnets, boots . .. . a lot of what i think of that may also fit that are really just curiosities. things to be interesting in understanding, as that is just more fodder for the art. every day. .. a little more erotica to weave into the art. this and my night photography will be the remembrance of my grander portfolio of work left behind. i am brash and believe i can make art out of what the masses may call porn and this is a bold legacy to leave behind with a voice that does not know where all the boundaries are between curiosities and fetishes.

August 13, 2010

punk ska and the stories i will tell

so my dear friend kris always cheers me up with her wild random ideas. today i am on vacation finally, first full week off in over 4 years and i am so very stoked about the trip emily and i are taking down the coast. my brain as i rolled out of downtown and headed back to the village was a little flighty. kris kept me company with a wild idea of a punk ska band we called Lusciously Fuckable. the title of the first album, Mormons on Bikes! this morphed to chapter titles in my 4th book A Square's Guide to Being Punk because we both realize that making music is not our forte. i luv this shit though and can say thank you dear for helping me smile over beers after a fucking rough week!

and so with that started, some other chapter titles are Even Jesus Loves to Fuck, Ain't no Sunshine in Hell, slutty jesus, I give good head, dead sluts, no emo shit . ... . want to get drunk and fuck!

August 12, 2010

extreme verbalism

been trying to play catch up on the ladies but it has been a bit hard to focus. i am looking forward to my first week off for vacation since emily was one. the last couple of days have been a nightmare i could do without. everything seemed to be out of my control and yet because of other people's actions i suffered through their shit. plod, trod, and it is all just grist for the mill. it is hard for me to wait, but wait i must for the proof of Chasing Skirt and so i feel i cannot start to put together the manuscript for A Love Song for an Inked Doll until Chasing Skirt is in press. i feel this impending need though to begin again because i want to start writing A Square's guide to Being Punk!

August 8, 2010

and here it is.. . Chasing Skirt

and there we are, the cover. after a couple of frenzied years of writing this book, conceived a few years ago on a night pontific in it's divinity as it changed where i decided my life needs to go.
Due in bookstores on 9/11!

August 2, 2010

this love affair

sometimes my love affair is only with this obsession i have
with creating my art
it cannot be destroyed or even slowed down at this stage
a compulsion is but the very gift to the entropic and absorbed world
i wanted only for you to join me in this trek
hold my hand
walk beside me
trumpet the horn that is me
i know there is no room there beside me
not because of ego or the misshapen size of my alter ego's obsession
but because this artistic compulsion can only move forward
at mach 5 much of the time
energy consuming all that is around me
this needy energy that can only create
i saw this love affair was over
the moment you could see i did not control the lightswitch
the moment you knew i was in love with you
and its not that you would be second best
in this love affair
it is just that you would not be the center
i am
or rather this art, this art that is a creationists love affair
cannot be replaced by ink on skin
only acrylics on canvas
words on paper
and emulsion on film

August 1, 2010

were we a form broken in perfect halves or shards after genesis

when i was younger, before the one i thought i was destined to spend my life with crushed that hope. i thought that at inception of my souls existence that god had broke my form in two and therefore one other was my soul mate.

then as i grew older and saw that really i was a shattered soul with many shards that could match me, i came to believe i was looking for one that had the most perfect balance to our broken state; see, this explained why i could find a few women who fit me like a tee.

then i gave up on it all because i realized no one could ever love my artistic soul if i could not love my self. the problem with all of these philosophies is that they can never be whole; the sum of the parts is greater than any single endeavor. therefore i am a self lover of my art. it is the only affair that does not keep me from losing my joy and it does not let me down. it seems that when i meet women, now or in my past, there is always this moment when i can no longer relate. i think it has something to do with the sound of their orgasm and the flavor between their legs. sex is a pleasure and not a conquest but do not take mine lightly for i know there are other shards that may be a better fit than you.