August 12, 2010

extreme verbalism

been trying to play catch up on the ladies but it has been a bit hard to focus. i am looking forward to my first week off for vacation since emily was one. the last couple of days have been a nightmare i could do without. everything seemed to be out of my control and yet because of other people's actions i suffered through their shit. plod, trod, and it is all just grist for the mill. it is hard for me to wait, but wait i must for the proof of Chasing Skirt and so i feel i cannot start to put together the manuscript for A Love Song for an Inked Doll until Chasing Skirt is in press. i feel this impending need though to begin again because i want to start writing A Square's guide to Being Punk!


  1. Just wanted to say I find you amazingly sexy...*s*

  2. by that i hope you are talking about the model and not the artistic