August 13, 2010

punk ska and the stories i will tell

so my dear friend kris always cheers me up with her wild random ideas. today i am on vacation finally, first full week off in over 4 years and i am so very stoked about the trip emily and i are taking down the coast. my brain as i rolled out of downtown and headed back to the village was a little flighty. kris kept me company with a wild idea of a punk ska band we called Lusciously Fuckable. the title of the first album, Mormons on Bikes! this morphed to chapter titles in my 4th book A Square's Guide to Being Punk because we both realize that making music is not our forte. i luv this shit though and can say thank you dear for helping me smile over beers after a fucking rough week!

and so with that started, some other chapter titles are Even Jesus Loves to Fuck, Ain't no Sunshine in Hell, slutty jesus, I give good head, dead sluts, no emo shit . ... . want to get drunk and fuck!

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