August 2, 2010

this love affair

sometimes my love affair is only with this obsession i have
with creating my art
it cannot be destroyed or even slowed down at this stage
a compulsion is but the very gift to the entropic and absorbed world
i wanted only for you to join me in this trek
hold my hand
walk beside me
trumpet the horn that is me
i know there is no room there beside me
not because of ego or the misshapen size of my alter ego's obsession
but because this artistic compulsion can only move forward
at mach 5 much of the time
energy consuming all that is around me
this needy energy that can only create
i saw this love affair was over
the moment you could see i did not control the lightswitch
the moment you knew i was in love with you
and its not that you would be second best
in this love affair
it is just that you would not be the center
i am
or rather this art, this art that is a creationists love affair
cannot be replaced by ink on skin
only acrylics on canvas
words on paper
and emulsion on film

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