August 1, 2010

were we a form broken in perfect halves or shards after genesis

when i was younger, before the one i thought i was destined to spend my life with crushed that hope. i thought that at inception of my souls existence that god had broke my form in two and therefore one other was my soul mate.

then as i grew older and saw that really i was a shattered soul with many shards that could match me, i came to believe i was looking for one that had the most perfect balance to our broken state; see, this explained why i could find a few women who fit me like a tee.

then i gave up on it all because i realized no one could ever love my artistic soul if i could not love my self. the problem with all of these philosophies is that they can never be whole; the sum of the parts is greater than any single endeavor. therefore i am a self lover of my art. it is the only affair that does not keep me from losing my joy and it does not let me down. it seems that when i meet women, now or in my past, there is always this moment when i can no longer relate. i think it has something to do with the sound of their orgasm and the flavor between their legs. sex is a pleasure and not a conquest but do not take mine lightly for i know there are other shards that may be a better fit than you.

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