September 27, 2010

activation energy and my fatal flaw

when you get right down to it to the brass of shiny balls
i have a fatal flaw that i can only see after it is invoked
i sit in pieces on the floor staring at the broken perplexity of my mind
staring up at the pedestal of perfection that was wrapped in love
with what felt like just five minutes ago
perplexed and vexed at my own stupidity for i can never remember my fatal flaw
it is a symptom of mania to forget the path to salvation
like the activation energy of a chemical reaction
once you reach it there is no stopping the molecular combination
it is not unlike two people coming together
where one is transformed and the other is consumed
two molecules collide
bonds are broken
atoms realign based on charge and preference
and then the bonds reform
the reaction is complete and a new compound exists
this mania aftermath is always rebuilt
as i climb back up onto the pedestal
using all my energy to control chaos
a theory i hope you can help me to understand
because i believe in love as the instigator of a chemical reaction

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