September 10, 2010

the chemical abstraction of molecular dynamics in a dream

azure said this very keen thing to me this week that is a seed for me to remember something i keep trying to find. at a certain point in the manic cycle you remember the way to experience the universal. this vibrational theory is a continuum of the divine but azure said there was the moment we found the gold road in the pearl and then the horse under a cone. we both believe the universal energy is a vibrational string of force decisions. an entropic universe listens to the voice on the wind. i am singing you a love song i let the wind sail from my hands into a sky we look brightly upon.

where do you think the next sign of divinity will be found? i am very worried i do not have enough time for this creative canvas that keeps taking me unaware. each interaction i feel our orbital singing.

never before and forever since we will have this song i sing to you in all manner of our life and here the entropic universe knows how us begins.

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