September 13, 2010

like no one i have ever met

she said i am going to love you like no one i have ever met
after i had said i deserve it
and a bunch of words that mean time and space cannot stop
me from realizing the wish of a lifetime
two dreams i have always had and one i am already realizing
the second has now flown into my life from a city of pure grit
all of my life i have known there was a destiny for me
that is long before written without my sight
fated to die a great artist with a storybook love that history accepts
i heard you once in my subconscious lead me down a path
i was walking alone
months ago in a serendipitous proclamation i asked the universe
for the story of us to begin in parallel
and so on a early Fall night we both felt that love in our gut
i still have butterflies when i stop to think of you and your words
your beautiful smile and that comfort of your touch
well love, say this like a mantra when you start to fear what is not a daily
gaze into your beautiful brown eyes and moist lips
time and space cannot deny a love like yours and mine
i can feel it in my very essence
and i will not let it go
it is the final dream of my life to fulfill and our storybook was already written

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