September 11, 2010

the saint who is in possession of my soul

you knew before i did at least before we looked each other in the eye
i may have known forever but had to see you to remember
it feels a little strange to be so short since the flood began
yet so far from where we are going
this story of a self aware us is about to begin
we have two stories of when we met or at least i do
my first being the night in a white smoke filled haze
in the loft on a september evening, drunk creating art
when from the street you called to me as clear as day
"i know what you are doing lucas and i love you!"
this september evening when we met for beers and futbol
i never thought i would be able to to look you in the eyes
or touch your moist skin
you have perfect brown eyes that are milky chocolate pools
of a love written on pages we have never seen
i think you knew it then or later when we hugged the first time
i think i new it in the back of the cab
your head resting on my shoulder
your body against mine perfectly flush
we were drunk and heading home
i did not fully recognize right then what i felt
because had i put it all together
later when you asked me to pleasure you
my only response was let's create art
and there we painted naked shapes on a fresch canvas
and i realized as you looked at me this is love
i touched you in a sensation that flowed through my body
the sum total of our physicality can be but a minute total
as the story of us unfolds
i struggled with those sixteen hours when my anxious manic mind
sought to reconcile what you conveyed in a single hug that
lasted for days and days as your moist lips kissed my neck
and our grip on us could never let up
our anxious energy
two manic minds on a walk of love
maybe now sitting on my porch
wishing you were here to sit with
holding my hand and exploring our love
i can see all the connected strings of this universal theory
i know there is a love for you and i that speaks to us
i will write our storybook
you my love will fill it with our joy
our kids smiles
then the day will come of our next chapters in our cities
til there is one city we can call home
and i shall find your head on my shoulder again
and you shall feel my heart beat this love
i have waited all of time for you
i look forward to beating time for us

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