September 18, 2010

smoking cig butts

i just want to talk to you tonight because i know i cannot touch you
you have been on my mind all day, all week since you left
i am standing in the nexus of my village
smiling at the drunk sky and the red and white brick on the toy store
there are people milling about all around me and i just said goodbye to friends
the walk home is going to be a fun drunkard stumble
ripe with punk rebel rousing
then there is your mouse like voice so soft and so far away from me
and all i can do is smile a coo inside
for what we hope is the start of something

the rest of our rambling night included more drinking, some painting
and a lot of our voices talking over each other and too each other
your voice all night is short and sweet
a cadence of love for me and confusion at life
its like a love affair for the mind as we talk about where we have just came from
where there is a possibility and how your past will play a part
you are erotic, naughty and sexy like me
you beg me to read to you, my poetry, my words
my love song for you
your voice is such light whimper when you cum
yes love, i can hear what you are doing
it is my voice and all these words i have written for you
that stir such creative juices
as the world in us
we are the same mania junkies

i know i am part of what makes you cry
i know i am part of what has instigated your fall
having been there once myself, i can say that it is your past which is sinking you love
i am the life boat to carry you away
but what you will find is i cannot save you
till you begin the work yourself and want to be saved
its a tough road and it is coming as we will find
first love, let's cum together and pass out
my clock says its 2am here and 5am there
you must sleep
save those cigarette butts for tomorrow

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