September 20, 2010

this rose is for you

i can only think tonight of how upset i was
how lost i felt in my day to day life with all its stress and responsibility
then there was your voice on the phone
this wonderful moment to just listen to you
i was caught for a moment like a dear in the headlight
because you asked about my day, about me
and i could hear your concern and all that love
in one simple question and my 2 minute diatribe i felt relieved
i felt like me
i felt loved
as we talked of your 24 hours and you asked me more questions
i wanted nothing more than to be there with you
hold you and go to bed so i could usher in your wonderful dreams
you have a one track mind when it comes to this piece
and i love that this rose is for you
tonight love i am reminded of why i am so thankful you exist
for me to love, for me to accept your love

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