September 7, 2010

the transition of energy in fall affects my manic chaos

i realized this morning that the fall transition started the week i came back from my vacation and ever since then i have been on the roller coaster of chaos. experiencing and participating in the disassociated state of mania when reckless endeavors lead to stories of characters love, lust and heartache. everything is a high of highs, a low of transitional chaotic energy until i find myself in the gutter, my knuckles bloody, my heart broken and only these stories i write as poems for the masses to read.

it is always cathartic this transitional energy that fall brings and always leaves me reflective to recharge in the winter but i fear one of these years my safety switch may not work and i will not be able to pick myself up from that gutter!

you, with your beautiful milky eyes and luscious soft kisses participated in the sainthood of my divinity as mania took me unaware.

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