September 3, 2010

you know st. clair

a hello . a goodbye . a song of sunshine . the divinity of st. clair's visit to the rose city. thursday home matches are always such a freeing day, with the green and white army taking over. this night was steeped in a little more history as the last home game before the leap to mls; it was the initiation of st. clair and the fresch klesch. a couple of artists exploring the subject in the rose city.

a long goodnight to PGE Park, where 20 of us started an army and overtook the city with Timbers green and white. i love that on special occasions like this so many of the characters come to join us. the initiation of st. clair is a conversation over beers and vodka in traditional debauchery. drunk to early into the game and going in for more.

sometimes they are a smash and grab affair snatched a few minutes from the end as we all sing you are my sunshine. the initiation of st. clair is a dance in a conversation where art is the context of life.

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