October 4, 2010

be still my heart while i build a cage of art

in a rush of euphoria driven by the lush erotic landscape
there are many ways to scale a manic mountain
the way i will do it this time is my cage of art
the supple productivity that eases energy and helps you sleep
the way i want to dissipate it
is with a good fuck and run through the night debauchery
of dirty orgasm whores who ride for days and days
satiating only the incessant needs that come
from finding yourself skin to skin
a moist folly of epic proportions
where the need is to hear your voice in ecstasy
touch your inked skin as the passion writhes
and we slump together in sleepy dissipation
only to have the fire rise up again in passionate clovers
a fuck for days to satiate the mania

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