October 6, 2010

the DNA of ecstasy

the delicious nature of you and i
is so very simple
i am not going to expound on platitudes
except of the kind that you and i deserve
the kind that expose our DNA
for the bombastic joy in debauchery
we are more than two peas in a pod
there is this mania doctrine of infinite decibels
heard only at the time saturation
or when the double helix unravels to reveal
that we control our moods through alcohol, sex, drugs and art
the style of the bohemian is a little off center
so far left you might be right or on your head
building pressure in our daily lives
of boredom and stress that shone like beacons of blank canvas
you are the same debauchery as me
in your punk inked style steeped in emo
we are the outlaws surrounded by squares and hipsters
this rebel rousing doctrine shared in essence and style
this ecstasy in pleasure is a bender of mind altering substances
we pass the time in dive bars and art studios
on the streets and in bed
this bombastic and gregarious pursuit
is a synthesis in pheromone reactions
a filter is one compartment in our helix
the vices are bonds between our egos
the mind numbing excess is ecstasy for our love

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