October 3, 2010

even a cripple can row my boat

i always know i am out of the manic woods when i can sleep consistently and when i can make fun of myself. both of which have been consistently occurring in the last couple days. i have had a great weekend of doing bite sized art things, a few domestic things and really just being honest with myself. i find i am not very patient with myself in all of the lofty goals i dream up. this leads to many a fucked up mental state where i have fallen off my pedestal. but i always put myself back together and it is done with a map, energy, and moving forward with plans to create art.

and so, in you my love i can remember the keys to the map, muster the energy to move faster, and plan out the next set of art that moves me forward. i am unsure of many things, but am figuring out how to wrap an idea around the storybook of us that may make it possible to live this love story from afar. be wary of what you wish for has been an idea i have been thinking of as i try to hold off the latent depression of the universe answering my call with what appears to be an impossible circumstance.

what would you do for love?

we will find out what i will do for it over the next year or so, because i think my newest book An Instance of Emo can sustain the shear torrid realization that you and i are 2,000 miles away from each other but a few blissful weekends we find ourselves in the same city. writing that letter helped but i have more expression to do before i think i am ok with this distance our storybook has placed between us.

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