October 6, 2010

i am going to win today because of you

besides waking up from a sleep that should have made me cranky
i felt refreshed and a little perplexed to know my dreams were odd
i could not remember them
yet they gave me the vibe of feeling contained
as i got up to start the day feeling my normal tired
i read your wise words
wished i could kiss you right then and just smiled
for you said what i have been telling myself internally
at first i was confused because i could not place the dreams in this context
then i just felt relief
it is a little scary that you know me so well
i cannot hide from myself
with a love like you to call my bluffs
we may very well be perfect for each other
i really wish i could look in your eyes as i tell you this
you make me better at being me
i do not know what i will do with this knowledge tomorrow
but today i am going to use it to win
use the confidence i gain from recognizing your love
to beat back all the shit that has been whooping my ass
because i now can
because you love me
because i love you
we may be two thousand miles away
living our lives together and apart
you are going to make me happy
help me to be happy
i pray i can do the same
somehow just knowing your love exists
is helping me to find that connection to myself
i thought i had lost the path too
you are my dream of hope love
this scrumptious beauty that time and space has brought
to me at a time i asked for my love to be revealed

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