October 29, 2010

joy match up

the time comes quickly
when you and i will stare
at each other and smile again
for this love that burns
like a flame enriched with oxygen
it burns brightest when together
and eats at us when apart
this affair may be perfect
in a time and place we coexist
it has passion
care, and kinky love
when apart
its like we do not know
there is another to love
it is this idea of a we
that is the difference between
you and me
like no other
like no other
we are going to love each other
like no other
before or sense
is there enough fuel
to fan the fire
when we are apart
there is a fickle need
one of us will have
that makes it so easy
to walk away
it is ever so perfect
to meet your match
to feel your joy
to be lifted up
you are a joy to me
i really wish to see
feel and breathe
your touch a salvo
in the days of our time
together i want you
my love
to share my life
to be my hope
and help create our dreams

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